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The following gendeRevolution articles were written between 1994 and 1997. They are not in any chronological or thought development order. Although related, each is intended as a stand-alone article. The majority were written for a specific purpose and target audience, so there may be some repetition of concepts. Some concepts are admittedly somewhat radical, and are meant to stimulate critical thinking surrounding gender paradigms which most people take for granted. The author lectures on psychology and sociology of gender at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

gendeRevolution 1
Elimination of bipolar cultural gender paradigms as a means to human parity

gendeRevolution 2
The case against the bipolar cultural gender construct

gendeRevolution 3
Wegyns: Working toward parity through removal of linguistic gender bias

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Explanatory and background material

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All gendeRevolution articles by Tere Prasse
1994-1997, San Antonio, Texas

Gender and the Law
Littleton v. Prange
Texas 4th Court of Appeals rules that gender is determined 
only by chromosome configuration and not by genital configuration.
Far-reaching social and legal ramifications are the result.

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