New Observations

With Sappho:

In the Patriarchy:
Submitted by: Victoria
All men are alike, God gave them different faces so we could tell them apart.

In the Straight World:

In Cyberspace:

On the Toilet:
Submitted by: Jackie
The only time it's good to be male is when it's necessary to urinate while deep in the woods--I sure wish someone would come up with a "just-whip-it-out-and-whiz" for womyn!!!

Whatever works:
Submitted by: Absynnia
Mere Heterosexual female acquaintance (of course I'm not being homosexist, I'm joking) says to me: Lesley, we'd really like it if you and Alicia could come to dinner soon.. How does Thursday sound, and we're just wondering... "errm.. what do lesbians eat?"
Submitted by: Absynnia
I noticed all or most of the lesbian women I know look so young and don't seem to have aged over the years so much. I express this to my friend.. Gai Lemon (and that's her actual name) says: Darling, it's what we put on our faces.. I pause for a moment before I realize she's not talking about makeup.
Submitted by: Spiderwomon
We are all Witches, we just ride different brooms.
Submitted by: Converted to Anger
Quite simple really , Instead of confronting you own inadequecies ( and I'm not referring to your sexuality ) , you choose to foist your problems and insecurities onto fifty percent of the world's population. Granted, to some extent , our country has been a primarily male dominated one. Nonetheless , in present times ,women are for the most part subject to , at the very least , an equal playing field with men. And thats only on a socio-economic basis , on a real life basis , women are blessed with inherent qualities to very often bring men to their knees. Whatever the prceived case may be. I find it increasingly hard to suscribe to the notion of the oppressed women when I see them driving by , every day in their new and intimidating SUV's and outright dominating the commercial advertising forum . As I realize you will dissmiss my sentiments as ignorant and regressive , I would like to close with the following notion... Bitches like yourselves are at least a fifty percent factor in the cause of domestic violence and anti-female agression! That's it , I'm gone , off to enjoy a socially rewarding Wednesday night - I really doubt you can say the same. Rot in lesbo Hell , you evil and ignorant douchebags... is that one word or two

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Last revised: Saturday, April 22, 2000