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Picketing radical right bigots
USAF Command Pilot Wings

Retired Air Force pilot

Educator, Computer Technician & IT Professional, Paralegal, Writer, Consultant, Commercial Pilot
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'98 was my Golden Anniversary!

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Hey, '98 was my Golden Anniversary!
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Tidbits of my life: My formative years were in the '60s since I turned 20 before the end of the decade -- the decade of love, "flower-children", rights movements, Woodstock, and Stonewall. Libra is my sign, just in case you're into that. I have a dry, sometimes cynical sense of humor; which means I find humor in just about everything. It's sometimes disconcerting for folks when I'm laughing and they're not -- they didn't get it. If you have the feeling that I've flitted around in my life and done some of this and some of that, you're right. "Been there, done that, and got the T-shirt" as "they" say. Yes, I really did fly supersonic jet aircraft and have around 3,300 hours of flying time, mostly as an instructor pilot, instructor's instructor, and flight evaluator. I also hold an FAA commercial multi-engine pilot's license. Presently I teach at the post-secondary level: computer networking, operating systems, and applications; math; English; and a few other things. I'm very open about who I am and am very OUT. My activism in the San Antonio community is relatively well-known. Knocking down the walls of cultural/societal gender role stereotyping is one of my passions, and I frequently lecture on the topic for undergraduate and graduate psychology and sociology classes. Some of my writings on the subject have been published. And every once in a while I may dabble with some artwork. So "there you have it,"  -- 'tis moi.

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