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Rendered by Tere with Corel Graphics programs
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To download a graphic using most browsers, click on the graphic with the right mouse button and choose "Save as". Note that AOL's browser will usually "hamburger" .GIF files, so you may want to download the "real thing". Try the new Internet Explorer 4.0 for Windows '95 -- it's free (the link is on the Womyn's Web Home Page).


Rainbow Triangle
(GIF - 4702 bytes)
Water Drops
(GIF - 7473 bytes)
Golden Brown Felt
(GIF - 4371 bytes)
Red-Brown Earth
(GIF - 4196 bytes)
Brown Putty 1
(GIF - 4367 bytes)
Brown Putty 2
(GIF - 4136 bytes)
Green-Brown Marble
(GIF - 4298 bytes)
Tan Stucco - fine grain
(GIF - 2771 bytes)

Large Yinyang (GIF - 3540 bytes)

Quarter-size Yinyang (GIF - 1954 bytes)

Other graphics:

Rainbow Morphing Rings (GIF - 67650 bytes)
(Use in sets of 3 or more for best effect -- will have better
appearance if downsized to half actual size or less -- use
the width= and height= options in the img coding)

Downsized 25x60 sample group of three

3D WebRing Title (GIF - 5273 bytes)

Swirl Rainbow Triangle (GIF - 55524 bytes)
Never did use this one myself - it should
look good on a page with a black background.
Example: Resized to 35x35, used in set of three.

...or you could put several 20x20 together for a page dividing line

...or how about clickable menu bullets
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Rainbow Flag with Triangle (JPG - 5058 bytes)
Someone else came up with the original idea;
I just redesigned and enhanced it a bit.

Rainbow Flag with Equal Rights Sign
(GIF - 16373 bytes)
Modified from core idea of one of Swade's graphics.

Up button (GIF - 3098 bytes)

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Look for more graphics to arrive here in the future!

You can also find some good web graphics from SwadePages -- the link is on the Womyn's Web Home Page.

Last revised: Wednesday, March 29, 2000