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One is not born a woman -- One becomes one - Simone de Beauvoir

Simone de BeauvoirWith Sappho...

Kill the stereotypes: You don't have to be butch to be a kick-ass dyke! -- Tere

I am woman. I have loved women and been loved by women. Their minds are my education; their souls, my salvation; their bodies, my satiation: I am fulfilled. -- Swade

How many lesbians does it take to change the batteries in a vibrator? 10! 1 to change the batteries, 4 to process the experience, 4 to process the process of processing the experience, and 1 to write a folk song about it! -- Tere

In the Patriarchy...

In technical endeavors, men are presumed comptetent; whereas, womyn are presumed incompetent (except for operating washing machines) -- it is a cultural paradigm foisted on us from the day we were made to wear pink! -- Tere

If you are told a cultural myth about womyn often enough, you will soon believe it to be fact -- question everything you are told! -- Tere

In a Straight (but bent) World...

Toaster Oven Award: Have you ever pondered how odd it is that heterosexual culture is so preoccupied with separating the sexes? And encouraging same-sex activities... In fact, about the only thing straight in the straight world is sex! -- Tere

RE: Toaster Oven Award... Had to 'splain it, so ponder this... If the straight world is so straight, why do they have homosexual potties and homosexual locker rooms? Not to mention a "night out with the boys (girls)"... They do a good job of "recruiting," don't they? -- Tere

In Cyberspace...

Things that make ya go hmmm in a chat room... "F/Les"? Kinda begs the question if we have a new social paradigm of "M/Les"... Of course with all the guys pretending to be womyn, maybe we have... -- Tere

And another hmmm... I keep seeing this pop up: "100% Lesbian". I must have missed something in my childhood; I never got to take the Lesbian Test. Now I'm really worried because what if I were to take it and only score a 95%? What's a passing grade anyway? -- Tere

And then there's the "110% Lesbian"... Wow, there must be a bonus question on the Lesbian Test! By the way, can I borrow someone's notes so I can study for "The Test"! -- Tere

On the Toilet...

It's funny when I voice my opinion about ANYTHING, my father always asks me: "Are you on your period?" -- TP

When it seems that all is right in the world and you have everything; love, family, and an education, that is when you lose something. I ask is those few moments of great joy when you think that you have found "the one" worth the agony when they break your heart? -- JJ

Here I sit reading the label on a box of tampons... "Check us out at http://www.tampax.com A cool place to visit anytime! " Yeah, right... That musta been written by a guy for sure. Gimme some Mydol... -- Tere

OK, I've got a bizarre sense of the sublimely ridiculous... Elucidating on the tampon comment: What time of the month would you have a box of Tampax next to the toilet? And is this a "cool" time for you? Would you just dash to the computer to find out how Tampax is "cool"? Wonder if OBs are "cool" too... -- Tere

When women act like women, they are accused of being inferior. When women act like human beings, they are accused of behaving like men. - Simone de Beauvoir

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